Middle School Teacher

Why This Ex-Middle School Teacher Wants to Teach You Affiliate Marketing

“Follow your passion, follow your dreams, you can do or be anything you want to be.” That is what I used to tell my eighth grade student’s everyday, but what a hypocrite I was. I was telling them all of that and I wasn’t even following my own dreams. I was in a J.O.B that I loved at first, then pretty much hated in the end, so I had to quit. I always told myself that when teaching wasn’t fun anymore, I need to get out, and so I did. Since then I have made it my goal to be the best affiliate marketing teacher I can possibly be. Teaching in public school wasn’t for me, but I love to teach affiliate marketing. I love to see the faces of people when they start to see their bank accounts get extra money in it, and they realize that accomplishing that wasn’t so tough after all.

Starting an online business can be very overwhelming. I am here to tell you “Stop stressing out about it and do it.” The first steps in getting started are not the hardest; I believe it’s the second step that is ALWAYS the toughest. Taking that first step is simple but when you fall and fail, you need to take that second step to keep going. Knowing that 97% of all businesses fail, you don’t have a lot on your side, until now. There are some steps you need to take before you can be successful online, and I am here to show you how to take the least amount of steps as possible. Here are those steps:

o Figure out what your passion is. Don’t find out the hard way, we all have things we love to do, pick one of them, you may be able to make some money selling whatever it is you love to do.
o Find those products that relate to your niche. If you favorite thing to do is play golf. Do a Google Search and put “Golf + Affiliate” You will be surprised how many products you can affiliate with and sell.
o Buy a domain and get hosting – You are going to need a website, so think of a domain name that relates to your passion ex. GolfingForFun.com
o Start creating your website and put your products on your site. I suggest you use WordPress for you website format, they are so easy to set up and are very search friendly.

You may not have understood anything I explained in this article, but that is why I am the affiliate marketing teacher. It took me a year to learn everything I know. I have spent thousands of dollars on seminars and workshops, but most of all I have spent countless hours learning. I am here to save you time and money. You have made a wise decision to start an online business, now get to work.

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