Middle School Teacher

How a Middle School Teacher Pulled Off Her Breast Enhancement Program at School Without Being Caught

As a woman who works in an office from 9 to 5 every day, I know how hard it can be to perform up to standards, while at the same time trying to nurture a breast enhancement program that requires attention day in and day out. So, it baffled me even more when a friend of mine who teaches at a middle school told me about how she managed to pull off a breast enhancement program for a full 2 months without anyone ever catching her.

This friend of mine who will remain nameless had actually just lost a lot of weight using another weight loss program. However, that’s another story for another day. The important part to note here, however, is that since she lost so much weight, her breasts had lost a bit of their firmness, and appeared to have shrunk in size a bit.

She told me she felt noticeably less confident about herself, and she didn’t like that. So, she started using a natural breast enhancement pill. Then, she combined that with special exercises. How she managed to do these exercises in the ladies room for several minutes at a time, multiple times per day is beyond me. She said it was relatively easy since she not only had a lunch break, but she also had one class period off later in the day.

So, she would take a pill in the morning about an hour after she would show up for work, and roughly 10 minutes before class every day. She would do her workouts, then the kids would show up.

During lunch, she’d repeat her program, and then again during the 2nd class period she had off. Her story has led me and many others to believe that it’s possible to keep up and be persistent with a breast enhancement program, even if you are a working woman on Mondays through Fridays.

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