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The Middle School Brain: Yes, There Is One!

Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

Being a middle school teacher holds special challenges in terms of management. Teaching middle school is not for sissies! I sometimes hear teachers brag “I never have any discipline issues in my room.” When I hear that, I know for sure that I’m not talking to a middle school teacher. It’s not that it’s impossible to get middle school kids to behave. It just takes much more energy and stamina than it does in most high school classes. One reason is that their brains are not developed enough to help them control their own dumb behaviors.

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Become a Middle School Teacher

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

Middle school teachers are responsible for the educational development of students who have completed elementary school but are not yet in high school. Typically, middle schools cover students in grades five or six through eight. Middle school teachers delve more deeply into subjects that were introduced in elementary school and expose their students to more information about them. Unlike elementary school teachers, middle school teachers usually specialize in a specific subject, such as English, mathematics, history, or physics. Day-to-day duties are wide-ranging and include such tasks as preparation of course objectives, assignment of lessons, correction of tests, establishment of class rules of conduct, and liaisons with parents to address academic and behavioral issues.

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Midlink Magazine – A Must Have Subscription for the Middle School Teacher

Tuesday, July 18th, 2017

The apparent purpose of the Midlink Magazine sight is to be an outlet for students, ages eight to eighteen, to submit and review art and writing. It is an award-winning magazine that is nonprofit It is sponsored by North Carolina State University and the University of Central Florida. Its bullets include newest articles, table of contents, web honor roll, search strategies, cool schools, teacher tools, archives, our mission, and who we are The editors of Midlink are very successful teachers, grades K-12, who have produced this website as they say, “by students, for students-ages 8-18.”

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